Clamcleat CL704AN

Clamcleat CL704AN

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This clam cleat is now being used as the Laser traveller cleat. The cut out underneath the cleat allows for tidy storage of toe strap fixings while still doing it's job cleating the traveller.

Clamcleat CL704 Mk1 Junior and Becket Hard Anodised Simple ridged v-groove holds ropes firmly yet is devoid of any moving parts to break or seize. They are unaffected by the heat generated by a rope surging back through a cleat as well as being suitable for sub-zero temperatures.

Black hard anodising version has a high-tech and fashionable appearance as well as offering superior resistance to sea water corrosion. Max. rope size is 6mm. Most fixing holes are 5mm. 

Please see images for fixing information or call the office on 01324 861756 for assistance.