• Christmas Shipping and Holiday Dates for 2019

    If, like us, you leave your Christmas shopping to the very last minute, you will need to know how last-minute, last-minute is. The Sailingfast team will be in the office until Christmas Eve. The shop will be closed between Christmas and New Year however, we will be standing by the phone if you need us.

    • If you are ordering something small that can be posted with Royal Mail, you have until Friday 20th December to hit the Sailingfast checkout.
    • Looking for something larger like a boat cover? Parcelforce can still do a 24hr service on Monday 23rd, however, they will be busy so for peace of mind, we would recommend ordering by Friday 20th December again.
    • If a mast section or boom is on your Santa list, we tend to ship with TNT so again, while they can do a 24hr delivery to arrive on Christmas Eve, we would strongly recommend confirming your order by Friday 20th to be on the safe side.
    Sailingfast - Christmas Logo
    • For those of you who may be in the market for a new dinghy, delivery is by arrangement on a case by case basis. We are likely to be on the road between now and Christmas so if we can help, we will.

    The Sailingfast team will be in the office until Christmas Eve. The shop will be closed between Christmas and New Year however, we will be standing by the phone if you need us. 01324 861756 or

  • Which Laser Sail is right for me?

    Not everyone wants to follow in Ben Ainslie's footsteps and make it to Olympic glory. With this in mind, LaserPerformance have developed a range of sails to suit the different levels of sailor and their wallet. As one of the official Laser dealers in the UK, we are happy to talk you through the options if you aren't sure. To find out more - read on!

    The Laser has 3 different types of rig: 4.7, Radial and Standard. Within each rig size there are now 3 types of sail for different scenarios.

    • Official Class Legal Sails - this sail is for the top-end racer who competes regularly at National and International events. The red button you find on these official class legal sails demonstrates that LaserPerformance have paid a royalty to the class associations supporting the class.
    • Class Compliant Sails - this sail is the same as the Class Legal sail, but without the button so it cannot be used at class events. If you are looking for a sail for squad weekends and camps to keep your official sail in better condition for races, this is the sail for you.
    • Training Sails - Just looking to sail at your local club, perhaps visit a couple of neighbouring clubs for their open events? While this sail has the same shape as the official sails, it's made from lighter material which is reflected in the price.
    Laser Nationals Fleet on shore at Largs Sailing Club


    Also known as the full rig, the Laser standard sail is available in a MKI or MKII shape. The MKII shape is the newer design and the MKI has more or less been phased out. Sail numbers for the Standard sail are 300mm or 12 inches high and you will need 6 numbers on each side of the sail: the first two are red, the remaining 4 black.


    The Laser Radial is for small adults, women and youth sailors. Sail numbers for the Radial sail are 300mm or 12 inches high and you will need 6 numbers on each side of the sail: the first two are red, the remaining 4 black.


    The 4.7 is often the next step after the Optimist or Topper as sailors transition from Junior to Youth Sailing. The 4.7 sail is smaller and more manageable than the Radial.
    Sail numbers for the 4.7 sail are 230mm or 9 inches high and you will need 6 numbers on each side of the sail: the first two are red, the remaining 4 black.

    You can see the full range of Laser sails on our website.

    Laser Sail being numbered

    We also offer a Sail Numbering Service. If you would like us to number your sail for you, just send us an email with your sail number and when you need the sail by.

    Still not sure? Just drop us a line in the office 01324 861 756 or

  • Sailingfast's top 10 sailing gifts for Christmas

    In the run up to Christmas, there is an overwhelm of amazing things that you could get the sailor in your life as a present. Sailingfast have rounded up a top 10 gift list of useful sailing presents with a price tag for every budget.

    Stay dry, on the move, on the beach, on the boat or in the changing room.

    Zhik Quick Dry Towel

    Ultimate product, changing on the move, the beach or in the boat park without revealing more than you mean to!

    Zhik Hooded Ponxho

    The best watch on the water / market. Make sure you arrive at the start line on time.

    Optimum Time Sailing Watch

    Hydration is key to your performance. Just make sure to tie it securely to your boat in the event of a capsize! (comes with elastic in the event of a capsize)

    Sailingfast Water Bottles

    The future is foiling, fun and facts about the newest angle to our amazing sport. Find out what all the fuss is about with top tips and examples from experts in the field.

    the Foiling Dinghy Book front cover

    Know where you are going or want to be going. Robustly-made wind indicators.

    The grippiest grip from grip land, easy on your wetsuit and suitable for a myriad of jobs. Packing your daggerboard, protecting your hull from scratchy blocks, or a softer landing when trapezing or sitting on the gunwhales of your dinghy.

    The very best mainsheet on the water. Go on, treat yourself this Christmas.

    Marlow R8 7mm

    Protect your spars from stone chips and other damage when travelling to events with the padded mast bag from LaserPerformance.

    Electronic compasses are class legal in the Laser class these days. The Prism provides superior accuracy, and a massive display all in an ultralight, compact package.

    Velocitek Prism

    Still not sure what to get the sailor in your life? We would be very happy to talk you through some options based on the type of dinghy they sail and your budget. Just drop us a line via email or by phone on 01324 861 756.

  • Paddleboards prove a hit at Scotland’s Boat show

    A 12’6 Red Paddle Co Voyager paddleboard on display attracted a lot of visitors to the Sailingfast stand at the 33rd Annual Scotland Boat show at the weekend.

    Thousands of people spent the weekend at the country’s premier boat show at Kip Marina in Inverclyde at the weekend.

    Sailingfast and sister company Paddlefast were among the exhibitors in the Royal Yacht Association (RYA) Scotland Marine Pavilion at the three-day show. They caught the attention of visitors with the display of two Red Paddle Co paddleboards. The 12’6 Voyager board and 10’8 Ride board from the 2020 range were available for sale.

    Duncan Hepplewhite, director of Sailingfast based in Central Scotland explains:

    “Despite the typical Scottish weather, we’ve had another successful year at the show. This was our third year taking part and with the growing interest in paddleboarding, it was the perfect platform to showcase some of the 2020 paddleboards. Given their size, they were quite the attention grabber.

    “Most people who visited us on the stand were asking about the paddleboards. They were interested in what they were and how they might give paddleboarding a try if they hadn’t already.

    “It was really encouraging to hear that some people had seen our social media activity and knew about the special offers available and the fact we have the new 2020 paddleboards in stock already.”

    Visitors could benefit from a special container offer when signing up for a WASZP to be delivered in early spring, saving massively on the shipping costs. The deal is still running for orders placed by the end of October.

    Additionally, as the retailer for Topper and Laser Performance in Scotland, Sailingfast is well positioned to provide advice on dinghies to sail.

    Duncan comments: “We have an excellent understanding and experience of the various dinghies available in both ranges. So, we were able to provide advice to those interested in a dinghy to sail in terms of what will or won’t suit someone’s local sailing area and their crew set up – be it with kids or single handed for example.”


    In total, about 50 visitors to the stand entered the prize draw and the winner received a Zhik z-cru jacket and other sailing goodies.

    While on the stand, Duncan’s wife and business partner, Emma Hepplewhite spoke to people about the buzz she got when she tried foiling recently and her plans to do it again soon:

    Emma says: “Some say foiling is the future of sailing - it’s fast, exciting to sail and makes for edge of your seat viewing. There’s a reason the America’s Cup teams are doing it, and the Sail GP guys are using the WASZPs for training in the various ports on the tour. The WASZP is a one design foiling dinghy which means it hasn’t been retro fitted for foiling, as is the case with a couple of other classes. And the latest carbon foils are also affordable.

    “Scotland’s Boat Show is a key event for both of our businesses each year, raising the profile of sailing and paddleboarding and making it more accessible to everyone in Scotland. With 2020 being Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters, we are looking forward to an even more exciting and memorable event next year.”


    Emma & Duncan from Sailingfast at Scotland's Boat Show.

    About Sailingfast and Paddlefast

    Sailingfast was established in 2002 and the business expanded and launched Paddlefast. The business is owned and run by husband and wife team, Emma and Duncan Hepplewhite.

    Visit the website for more information and to see the range of products and services.

    For interviews and further information please contact:

    Stephanie Melrose, Smell the Roses PR

    Mobile: 07944 865925

  • Sailingfast celebrate partnership with Ovington Boats

    Sailingfast and Ovington Boats are delighted to announce new developments to their long-standing partnership.

    Since 2010, both companies have grown and worked closely together, this new development will further cement the partnership as Sailingfast comes onboard to support key products.

    Sailingfast will take on responsibility for promoting key classes in Scotland, working with class associations and supporting the sailors.

    Sailingfast owner, Duncan Hepplewhite, has a unique knowledge of the 29er, having raced it and worked with Ovington Boats at the 29er European, Worlds and World Sailing Youth Worlds between 2012 and 2016.

    Duncan Hepplewhite comments: “Sailingfast was established in 2002 with the aim of supplying the very best products and keeping sailors on the water. Our partnership with Ovington Boats and their reputation for making the very best boats sits perfectly with our ambitions. We are delighted to be working with Ovington Boats and have some very exciting plans for the future.”

    Nathan Batchelor, UK Sales Manager at Ovington Boats Ltd explains “Sailingfast plays a key role in the Junior and Youth classes north of the border and is perfectly positioned to help Ovington Boats support and grow our Optimist and 29er fleets in Scotland.”

    Ovington Boats based in North Shields, England, have a world-wide reputation for their high-performance boat building.

    During the 2012 – 2016 period Duncan and his wife Emma (co-owners at Sailingfast Ltd) raced the VX One at club and national level.

    For all your Ovington spares and new boat requirements please contact the Sailingfast Team.

  • Scottish sailing business gets funding boost to build new premises

    Day one of the Silvers Marine Scottish Series 2015, the largest sailing event in Scotland organised by the Clyde Cruising Club
    Racing on Loch Fyne from 22rd-24th May 2015
    GBR193, Zhik, Duncan Hepplewhite, Loch Lomond SC
    Credit : Marc Turner / CCC
    For further information contact
    Iain Hurrel
    Mobile : 07766 116451
    Email :
    For a full list of Silvers Marine Scottish Series sponsors visit

    Family business, Sailingfast in Avonbridge, has secured funding of £47,259 from Kelvin Valley & Falkirk LEADER to replace an old shed with a brand new office building.

    Sailingfast was established in 2002 and the business expanded and launched Paddlefast in 2014. The business is owned and run by husband and wife team, Emma and Duncan Hepplewhite.

    Duncan Hepplewhite, director of Sailingfast explains: “For the last 11 years my wife and I have worked from the shed which has no central heating or electricity. It can be very challenging through the Scottish Winters. This funding will make a huge difference to our working environment. It will also enable us to employ more people and to continue to grow our business.

    “Business Gateway alerted us to the Kelvin Valley & Falkirk LEADER fund. We set about putting together an application, a time-consuming process. Emma & I were delighted to be awarded a significant sum which will make all the difference. Hopefully, it will also help us to raise the profile of sailing and paddleboarding and make it more accessible as a hobby for everyone.”

    Ian Howarth, Chair Kelvin Valley & Falkirk LEADER LAG Committee comments: “Kelvin Valley & Falkirk LEADER are extremely pleased to grant support this local business that will assist them to be able to employ people, offer better services to their customers and successfully grow.”

    The new building, based between Falkirk and Linlithgow, is expected to be completed in September and on completion, the company will look to employ people to manage the shop and help with administration and marketing.

    For interviews and further information please contact:

    Stephanie Melrose, Smell the Roses PR

    Mobile: 07944 865925

    For more information about Sailingfast and Paddlefast please visit:

    More information about LEADER: (

    LEADER is a European Union Community Initiative which aims to promote economic and community development in rural areas. LEADER uses a bottom-up, partnership-based approach to rural development which will improve the quality of life and help make rural communities more sustainable. The 2014-2020 Kelvin Valley and Falkirk LEADER Programme covers rural areas within East Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire and Falkirk. The programme funds community organisations, charities, businesses and farms. Funding is awarded in line with our Local Development Strategy under our three priority themes: Theme 1: Heritage, Tourism and Leisure; Theme 2: Community Services and Facilities; Theme 3: Local Business and Employment. The Programme also has cross-cutting themes of Employability, Innovation, Low Carbon and Equal Opportunities. As of June 2019, the programme has awarded £2,271,053 of funding to local projects, which have levered in an additional £2.8 million of match funds that will be spent in our region.

  • UK WASZP class is strengthened by partnership with Zhik

    Zhik-Logo-Black-Large-GIFThe WASZP UK Class and Zhik are delighted to announce their exciting new partnership as we enter the 2019 season. The partnership will see Zhik becoming headline sponsors for the WASZP class in the UK.

    “Zhik are a global clothing brand and with the WASZP is going from strength to strength, we are confident that the partnership will deliver an enhanced experience for our class sailors.” Says Victoria Payne (UK Class Secretary).

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  • Sailingfast onsite and on the water for Topper Winter champs

    Sailingfast are heading south for the Topper Winter champs at WPNSA this weekend. Duncan learnt to sail in a Topper himself back in the dark ages (also known as the 1980s!) at Loch Lomond Sailing Club. There’s not much he doesn’t know about the Topper.

    New developments in the Topper Class - ask Duncan

    Come and chat to Duncan about the reasons behind the new Topper 6:1 kicker upgrades, replacing your mainsheet boom sleeve with one of our colourful ones, not to mention the new rules about sail numbering that come into effect. If you are feeling lucky, you might even ask about the upcoming RYA Dinghy Show deals which come into effect at the beginning of March.

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  • Sailingfast & Paddlefast to attend the RYA Dinghy Show in Alexandra Palace

    Sailingfast's Introduction to the WASZPThe season is fast approaching and first on the calendar is the RYA Dinghy Show. Both Sailingfast & Paddlefast will attend this great event in the historic Alexandra Palace in London. Lots of special offers will be in place so it’s the perfect time to spruce up your boat or board or even treat yourself to a new one!

    Duncan helping on the WASZP stand C14

    Duncan will be wearing his WASZP hat for the weekend, helping out Victoria, the class secretary, on the WASZP class association stand no C14. Come and find out about the series, training events and the WASZP Europeans which take place on Lake Garda in July. Still not convinced by all the videos on social media? We have test flights available for those still needing persuaded.

    *****Sign up for a test flight with Duncan during the Dinghy Show and be entered into a prize draw for WASZP goodies .*****

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  • Brit Rory Hunter wins the WASZP International Games Trophy

    The Sailingfast Team have been watching the WASZP International Games with great interest over the last few days as the battle for the top spots was very close. We are delighted that Brit Rory Hunter has done it and is bringing the WASZP International Games trophy home with him.

    To see Rory’s post-championship interview with Marc from WASZP, click here.

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