The foiling sensation of the WASZP is totally amazing and once you have tried it, you'll be hooked!WASZP logo

The WASZP is the most eagerly awaited and talked about one-design dinghy in generations. Various sailors during test flights have managed to foil after only a few minutes in the boat and come away enthusing about how much fun they had.


Designed in Australia, Sailed Worldwide

The WASZP has been designed by Andrew McDougall, the legend behind the Mach 2 and built by the world-renowned builder McConaghy Boats.

Andrew McDougall had a vision for a One Design Moth, designed and simplified to make foiling accessible for the mass market. With some very exciting design features such as the unstayed rig, coupled with a strict builders control manual, the WASZP is set to become a Worldwide success.

How to customise your boat

The WASZP is supplied as a complete package with only a couple of simple colour options to select from.

WASZP hull coloursHull colour choice            Red, Blue, White or Gray


WASZP tramp coloursTramp colour choice       Red, Blue, White or black


WASZP Sail ColoursSail colour choice             Red, Black or Purple


Top cover Choice              Wings out OR Wings up for storage


The WASZP Package Includes

  • Hull Complete, inc foils, tramps
  • Sail size choice, 5.8, 6.9 or 8.2 sqm
  • 2 piece Carbon mast inc padded bag
  • Adjustable Alloy boom
  • Ride height adjuster
  • GPS mount
  • Foil covers
  • Trolley
  • Boat cover

How to buy your WASZP

Just complete this order form waszp-order-book and return it to info@sailingfast.co.uk

The WASZP:      $10,500 US Dollars
Shipping:           $1,100 US Dollars

This price includes 1x Large wooden shipping box but excludes import duties and taxes.

Since the WASZP’s launch at the Garda Foiling week in 2016 over 250 boats are now being sailed across the World. The WASZP now has a great platform to gain World Sailing recognition.

Not convinced? Book a test flightduncan-foiling-waszp

If we haven't quite caught your imagination yet, you can contact the office for details of our various demo dates up and down the country.


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