Terrible news from Perth for Ben... but great news for Giles

The RYA has released an official press release about the press boat incident in Perth with Ben. In which they stress that there was no physical part to the "conversation" between Ben and the press boat driver.

Ainslie disqualified from two races after press boat incident
Ben Ainslie’s campaign for a sixth Finn World Championship title came to an end on Saturday (10 December) after he was disqualified for both of the day’s two races after an incident with a media boat driver on his course.

Ainslie’s progress was impeded by the boat on the final downwind leg of race nine of the World Championship series in Perth, and after the race finish he boarded the media boat to voice his unhappiness at the boat driver’s actions.

A jury hearing late on Saturday night found fault from both parties, but disqualified the Skandia Team GBR sailor from both of the day’s races for gross misconduct. With the disqualifications not able to be discarded from his race series, Ainslie will end the regatta in 11th and will not feature in the final medal race on Sunday.

Read the full press release at RYA Release.

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